Software has become a key element in a company success. How quickly and effective a company can respond to clients’ needs, execute new strategies, fine-tune business processes, address market challenges are directly related to its competency in software development. Basically, every business is in the software business.
Agile development practices brought significant improvements to companies but its benefits went so far. What companies require to be successful in the market place is to be agile and lean along the entire life-cycle of software development and operations---develop, commit, build, test, stage, deploy---plus capture the feedback from the marketplace to loop it back in into the beginning of the software development process.

This continuous process of software development requires an automation engine to orchestrate the full Continuous Delivery (CD) pipeline including execution of each stage of the pipeline and the best DevOps tooling within each stage.

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cloudbees“CloudBees is the hub of enterprise Jenkins and DevOps, providing companies with smarter solutions for accelerating the development and delivery of the software that fuels their business. We’ve taken Jenkins – the most popular, trusted platform for automated software delivery – and added enterprise-grade security, scalability, manageability and expert-level support. With CloudBees, teams can build, test and deploy software with confidence. By making the development and delivery process more productive, manageable and hassle-free, CloudBees puts companies on the fastest path to transforming their great ideas into great software, so it can start making an impact sooner".

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