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Boldon James are the market leaders in data classification and secure messaging software. Boldon James gives to their clients confidence when it comes to controlling and protecting their data.

As part of the QinetiQ group, -a major UK plc and FTSE 250 company-, Boldon James has  over 30 years’ experience in facilitating secure messaging and classifying data to protect against sensitive data leaks. Boldon James works with the world’s leading commercial organizations, system integrators, defence forces and governments, driving effective classification of all kinds of data within their existing software environments. The company has worked on some of the world’s largest IT security software programmes, collaborating with its network of global partners.

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Software has become a key element in a company success. How quickly and effective a company can respond to clients’ needs, execute new strategies, fine-tune business processes, address market challenges are directly related to its competency in software development. Basically, every business is in the software business.
Agile development practices brought significant improvements to companies but its benefits went so far. What companies require to be successful in the market place is to be agile and lean along the entire life-cycle of software development and operations---develop, commit, build, test, stage, deploy---plus capture the feedback from the marketplace to loop it back in into the beginning of the software development process.

This continuous process of software development requires an automation engine to orchestrate the full Continuous Delivery (CD) pipeline including execution of each stage of the pipeline and the best DevOps tooling within each stage.

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“CloudBees, the Jenkins Enterprise company, is the continuous delivery (CD) leader. CloudBees provides solutions that enable IT organizations to respond rapidly to the software delivery needs of the business. CloudBees offerings are powered by Jenkins CI, the world’s most popular open source continuous integration (CI) server. The CloudBees Continuous Delivery Platform provides a wide range of CD solutions for use on-premise and in the cloud that meet the unique security, scalability and manageability needs of enterprises”

Today, over 70% of java developers doing Continuous Integration use Jenkins.

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