Latin-AmericaOne of the question we most commonly answer to companies entering the Latin America is if doing business South of the border is that different. The answer, similar to other international markets, is: Yes, and No.
On the No side, doing business in Latin America is similar to the US since Latin America is comprised of democratic countries with market driven economies, the rule of law, comparable vertical markets, and technology adoption that--with a time lag—mirrors the US.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018 14:56

The Pacific Alliance

Pacific AllianceThe Pacific Alliance (PA), Alianza del Pácifico in Spanish, is one of two major trade blocks in the Latin America (LATAM), and is comprised of Chile, Colombia, Peru and México.

The GDP of the PA countries makes them the 8th largest economic power and a population of 216 M people. It represents LATAM’s 38% of GDP and 50% of trade. PA was founded in 2011 and its charter goals are: 

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