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RSA 2019 - International Research

SAN JOSE, CA. – March 1, 2019 – LinkIT LATAM, launched an international research study within the RSA conference in an effort to support the internationalization processes of small/medium size cybersecurity companies.

GlobalThe objective of this research is to provide to participant companies a set of business insights that allow them to start, enhance, or accelerate their internationalization process whether based on operational efficiencies, business development, or a combination.
“Companies struggle with their internationalization process due to different causes. This research brings new information and compares it with known internationalization models written in the near past. Differentiation, execution, information availability, and faster relationship creation, often contrast with the traditional Uppsala model that is still seen these days" said Jaime Munoz, LinkIT LATAM Managing Partner. “The industry, its innovative pace, and the markets' demand for IT security create an incredible opportunity to born global companies to quickly show the value of their new proposal in the market place. Companies definitely can, and should, take a more planned and aggresive approach when deciding over international opportunities. Perhaps, we'll find that brilliant engineers need more support from their operating or financial officers in order to move faster. We'll see...” concluded the executive.

The research will be performed on US-based cybersecurity companies, with up to 10 years of age and less than 250 employees*, in multiple cybersecurity areas such as Application Security, Cloud Security, Data Security, Identity and Access management, Infrastructure protection, or other technologies. (*OCDE classification for Small and Medium Business)
About LinkIT LATAM
LinkIT LATAM is a business development consulting firm that provides Information Technology vendors advice on their internationalization processes. LinkIT LATAM's sound business decision making and flexible commercial capabilities generate revenues faster with low cost and risks for our clients. LinkIT LATAM's regional focus is Latin America and has Digital Transformation and Technology practices.